Busking en masse at Freo

Today I caught a train to Fremantle to explore day two of the three day Street Arts Festival. The festival draws on Freo’s busker culture and showcases local, national and international street performance artists. This is its twelfth year and over 20 different acts are involved (plus a few enterprising local amateurs who took advantage of the crowds and also performed).

Once at the port city I headed for South Terrace and saw parts of several acts. I didn’t see whole performances because some acts had already started and also because the crowds were, in some cases, almost impenetrable. Peering between people some distance from the performers was the best I could sometimes do.

The acts I saw were diverse – verbal and physical comics, jugglers, mimes, even a trapeze artist. There were also other acts available elsewhere in Fremantle, and the Fremantle Arts Centre, Little Creatures Loft and the Sail and Anchor are also hosting performers in the evenings of the festival.

It was great to see many families at the event, with the children enjoying the colour, music and physicality of the acts while their parents appreciated the skill and wit also in evidence.

Pandora Pink

Joel Salom (I think!)

Unknown mime

Young amateur impressing the crowd

The Fremantle Street Arts Festival finishes on Easter Monday. Attendance is free, but the audience is asked to contribute at the end of each performers, as these buskers perform for a living.

If you enjoy events of this sort, check out the City of Fremantle website for a range of other festivals running throughout the year.

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One Response to Busking en masse at Freo

  1. Anonymous says:

    I took Lil and a cousin on Monday – much quieter i suspect! We had a roaring good time watching the Chipolatas at the prison and Crack Up Sisters on the terrace (not so wholesome but … damn funny).