One for the political junkies

I’ve already posted on what is a very bland and contrived election campaign. However, amid the stage managed announcements there have been a few bright spots of astute, interesting and often amusing commentary.

The ABC in particular has been a highlight. Any Kerry O’Brien political interview is worth watching, and Insiders is a great way to start Sundays, especially if you tweet while watching. Same goes for Q&A on Monday nights. The Drum website has lots of interesting and well written commentary by the likes of Annabel Crabb, Chris Uhlmann, Mark Colvin, Jonathon Holmes and others. The latter’s piece on bias in The Australian caught my eye, in part because it echoed a complaint from a friend who works for the current government. And on the subject of The Oz, check out the Jack the Insider blog, which is also worth reading.

A TV version of The Drum has recently started on the new ABC News 24 channel (24/7 news – yes!). If that wasn’t enough, ABC1 launched the funny and insightful Gruen Nation last week, followed by the return of the Chaser crew in Yes We Canberra. The latter gave us the inspired Angry Kevin burger (served with dollops of bile and spilt blood), and Julie Bishop went a long way to improving her image (and surprised the nation – well, at least the Twitterverse!) by sending up her trademark death stare.

ABC radio is also a good source of political commentary, particularly Radio National Breakfast and Saturday Extra, and the AM and PM programs.

Twitter is also helping me find some interesting commentary through the #ausvotes hashtag. Recent examples are this column on why most of the journos following Gillard and Abbott should be sent home, and one by the increasingly ominous Laurie Oakes explaining why the economy is Labor’s strongest argument for re-election. Given my reservations about the size of the deficit we now have, I found this particularly interesting. Also getting many plaudits online is Laura Tingle’s article critical of reporting of the resources super profits tax. And most recently, Twitter led me to this Sydney Morning Herald report that the ‘real Julia’ is about to emerge and take charge of her campaign. Here’s hoping!

If you’re also a political junkie, share your favourite news and commentary sources here.

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One Response to One for the political junkies

  1. Keith says:

    *ticks* All of the above.

    I'm particularly enjoying The Drum on News 24.