Quitting the newspapers: day one

It felt odd not to go outside and get the paper, but I listened to Radio National’s 6am news bulletin and glanced briefly at ABC2 News.  However, my aversion to daytime TV (other than Insiders) was too strong and I turned the TV off and instead trawled through the ABC’s WA news page online.  I also had a quick look at Twitter – reaction to the Q&A shoe throwing was running hot – and followed a link to a related report in the Sydney Morning Herald.

I felt as well informed news-wise as I normally would after flicking through The West, but I think I’ll have withdrawal symptoms for Calvin and Hobbs, Zits and even Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin for a little while, though they too are available online.  And I need to watch the temptation to surf non-news sites early in the morning; Facebook and email were calling!

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One Response to Quitting the newspapers: day one

  1. Crinau says:

    Welcome to News online. We did no newspaper delivery thing last year and it felt weird for quite a while. I also must admit I suffered big withdrawals from not reading the SMH's Good Weekend magazine insert (especially Two of Us).

    Overall, it does sound kinda weird that we don't buy newspapers and what does my husband do?