Sculpture by the Sea, 2011

My tenuous relationship with modern art is well documented.  I was underwhelmed by the recent Peggy Guggenheim exhibition and had a similar reaction when I visited MOMA and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.  However, I do like Sculpture by the Sea.

The 2011 exhibition is my second Sculpture by the Sea.  I didn’t necessarily like all of the pieces – I didn’t even see all of them, as the exhibition is extensive – but I enjoyed the variety and creativity of the works, and the way they are placed in the environment for people to interact with. And I particularly like the way people interact in a physical way, despite numerous ‘please do not touch’ signs!

‘fisherman tears’ by Alessandra Rossi, $28 000
‘desert ships’ by Neil Jones, $10 000 for three
‘red memory smile’, by Chen Wen Ling, $180 000
Detail of ‘red memory smile’
‘timelines’, by Angela McHarrie, $18 000

‘infinite’, by Johannes Pannekoek, $26 000
‘spirula’, by Gaye Jurisich, no price given

There’s also a Sculpture Inside exhibition of smaller pieces at the Cottelsoe Surf Club. Many of these pieces echo the larger items, and it’s also well worth a visit.

Sculpture by the Sea is free and runs until 22 March at Cottesloe Beach.

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