Marvellously modern

My lack of engagement with modern art is on the record, but today I saw an extremely modern exhibition which I loved. The work of Korean artist U-Ram Choe now on show at the John Curtin Gallery combines sculpture, engineering, computing and enormous imagination in a series of other worldly forms which move, light up and morph into different shapes as you watch.

The sculptures, or anima-machines, are extremely intricate and beautiful, but also slightly eerie and in some cases vaguely threatening.  They made me think of flora and fauna, but with an added alien quality. (Just as I was thinking they would be at home on a Dr Who set, I heard a person behind me muttering about Star Wars.)  There are images on the Gallery website, but they don’t convey the life, light and movement of the pieces. You really do need to see them in person.

The exhibition has been one of the hits of the PIAF Festival but must close on Sunday 4 March.  You can visit on Friday 2 March from 11am to 5pm, or Sunday 1-4pm.  Entry is free – don’t miss it.




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