Australia Day fireworks anyone?

I went to the Perth City Skyworks fireworks display this Australia Day. It was the first time I’ve gone in years as while I like fireworks, I don’t like queuing, having to arrive hours ahead of time to get a spot, or taking ages to get home, all of which seemed an inescapable part of the experience until this year.

I parked at a friend’s Northbridge home, we walked into the city together, had a meal at the James Street food hall and arrived at the foreshore a little before 8pm.  The walk took under 60 minutes all up, including a stop for dinner.

My friend Naomi is better versed in crowds than I, and weaved in and out of the masses till she found a spot remarkably close to the water where we sat for half an hour watching an impressive display of pyrotechnics before heading back out of the city.  It was all hassle free: no waiting, no idiots, no traffic problems, no getting stuck in the crowd.  The only small glitch was we didn’t think to take a radio or download an appropriate app (there must be one, surely) so we couldn’t hear the soundtrack. Oh well, next year.

My camera has a little used ‘fireworks’ setting which I tried out last night, but as you can see from the photos I’ve posted, it’s not very good!  After about ten minutes I gave up trying to photograph the fireworks and just enjoyed watching them.

We detoured slightly on the way home to check out the Urban Orchard, beautifully lit up for the evening outside the Art Gallery, and then had a drink at Bar 399 in William Street, one of the many small bars which Perth now enjoys after the licencing laws were changed a few years ago. I was driving and stuck to wine, but Naomi was able to indulge in a Breakfast Martini, so named for the dollop of marmalade they add to the gin.

Also in William Street, but on the other side of the railway line, we passed the site of a Jamie’s Italian restaurant, which will open soon.  One of the most memorable parts of last year’s overseas trip was dinner at the Jamie’s Italian in Liverpool, so I’m looking forward to having one of these restaurants in Perth.

The Skyworks experience reminded me of going to the Leeuwin Concert a couple of years ago in that I expected both to be difficult and neither was.  There’s a moral in there somewhere!

Where there fireworks in your Australia Day? Was it fun?





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