Cooking classes for kitchen spectators (and cooks)

Whether you want to add to your culinary repertoire or just watch dinner being prepared for you, I think you’ll enjoy Urban Providers’ cooking passion classes.

Cooking class

Eggplant involtini with ricotta

I like watching cooking shows. Not Masterchef or My Kitchen Rules-style competitions, but anything involving Nigella or Jamie.  It’s not that I’m much of a cook – cheese on toast is a regular evening meal – but I like to watch TV chefs; it’s performance art in the kitchen.  So last week’s Urban Provider cooking class was right up my alley.

Urban Provider is a Perth based company which offers cooking classes where you don’t cook. Instead you watch the very personable Nico do the cooking, and then you enjoy the food.  There’s really no downside.

I attended a Gourmet Vegetarian Passion class arranged by a vegetarian friend.  There were ten of us altogether; six in our group and four others. We met at a gorgeous Leederville house and Nico quickly had food cooking on five gas burners and in the oven.  Lovely aromas began to fill the room.

Cooking class

Red lentil curry

Nico served five dishes that night:

  • mushroom san choy bau
  • eggplant involtini with ricotta and a tomato chilli sauce
  • seven vegetable Moroccan tagine
  • red lentil Indian sambar
  • passionfruit crème brulee.

Aside from the dessert, which he had in the fridge and just topped with sugar he then caramelized, all were made in front of us.

Seven vegetable tagine

Seven vegetable tagine

My favourite was the tagine, as I really enjoyed the Moroccan flavours, but it was all tasty.  The recipes were provided so we could follow what he was doing, but I don’t think I’ll be trying many myself.  While not overly complex, they are recipes for people who enjoy the process of cooking, rather than kitchen spectators like me.  However, I will be trying to make the tomato sauce as it reminded me of the pasta I ate in Italy last year and have been trying to replicate ever since.

Passionfruit brulee

Passionfruit brulee

Nico offers a wide range of classes so you can add to your culinary skills or just enjoy having a meal cooked for you.  Check it out!


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  1. Corinne says:

    Yum. I should seek out out cooking classes locally myself.