Can I really vote informal? Part 2

I had some robust reactions to my last blog post in which I wondered whether I could vote informal given my deep dislike and distrust of both potential prime ministers.

The response from some was along the lines of “get over yourself and don’t waste your vote” so I assume they will be pleased to learn that with the election only two days away I find that, no, I can’t vote informal.  I’m going Green.

I have many friends who are staunch if disillusioned Labor voters and I understand their decision to vote for the Party because they genuinely believe any Labor Prime Minister is better than Tony Abbott.

As a popular meme puts it: “Also, despite all of Labor’s faults and instability, they do actually give a shit about people and communities and, usually at least, create policy that’s informed by evidence instead of ideology.” If anyone other than that narcissistic megalomaniac Rudd was leader I’d do the same.

It’s clear Abbott will win and the dangers of him having unfettered power are too great to risk so I’m voting Green in both houses.  The ABC’s Vote Compass has told me twice my personal views are closer to the Greens than the other parties (Labor was second and the Libs third), and while still have reservations about their ability to deliver,  they seem the most palatable way to  minimise the damage Prime Minister Abbott could do.

That’s how I’m voting. How about you?







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3 Responses to Can I really vote informal? Part 2

  1. Louise Allan says:

    I’ve said similar in a blog post on this. I’ve always voted Green, but in this election, I really feel there is no other option. I am so angered by the two major political parties giving in to what they perceive as ‘popular’, and ignoring what is important — human rights. And looking after our planet. See:

  2. Nigel Paterson says:

    Australian Sex Party. Sensible policies including taxing the churches, a social conscience, good policies on drug reform and euthanasia. My personal favourite is the secular education policy – getting religion out of state schools.
    Check them out at

  3. CorinneP says:

    In times of doubt I vote Green but I so don’t want Abbott’s LNP in, so I’m going Labor.